The Weldon Fire Department is a combination department operating with both paid and volunteer personnel. There is one paid firefighter at 201 Sycamore Street and one at 1050 Julian Allsbrook Highway on duty 24 hours a day. They are supported by six (6) full-time, three (3) part-time, and nineteen volunteer firefighters. The station on 201 Sycamore houses three (3) Engines and one (1) First Responder Vehicle and the station on 1050 Julian Allsbrook Highway houses one (1) Rescue Pumper, one (1) Brush-Truck (first responder vehicle), and a 95-foot Ladder Truck.

The department responds to approximately 1,000 calls per year, which is compiled of First Responder (Emergency Medical), vehicle accidents, fire, rescue, and public service calls.

The Weldon Fire Department takes a great deal of pride in its dedication to protect and serve the citizens of our area. There are countless hours of training each year by the department to enhance our level of protection for both the public and the firefighters. We strongly believe in fire prevention through education. There are materials and programs offered for the youth, there are fire extinguisher classes for adults, along with fire safety for our senior citizens.

Please feel free to stop by either station or call us.


Michael Sumner, Fire Chief

Ben Sloan, Deputy Fire Chief

Contact and Location

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Station No. 1

201 Sycamore Street
Weldon, NC
Tel: 252-536-4655

Station No. 2

1050 Julian Allsbrook Hwy.
Weldon, NC
Tel: 252-536-4293

Monday, July 15, 2024

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