Do you want to get involved in your community?

We’re looking for Weldon citizens to serve on the following Town of Weldon boards and committees:

  • Weldon Planning Board
  • Weldon Board of Adjustment
  • Recreation Advisory Board
  • Small Town Main Street Committee

If you are interested, please download and complete the attached Citizen Participation Form and send to the Town Clerk.

Our Vision for Downtown Weldon NC - Meeting Date: 2nd Thursday of month at 5:30 p.m.

As a Community of Neighbors in Weldon, NC we envision our downtown and riverfront as:

  • 1. A vibrant community of thriving businesses, antique and gift shops and quaint cafes, with esidential apartments above the storefronts;
  • 2. An attractive, clean and safe community with restored buildings maintaining historic preservation integrity, a downtown streetscape of brick sidewalks, historic lampposts with banners and hanging baskets and no overhead utility lines;
  • 3. An active community of frequent community-building events and several major festivals to draw the outside community into the heart of the downtown and riverfront areas of Weldon;
  • 4. A progressive community that has planned for the future by preserving and promoting our past.

Decorative Streetlight Banners

The Weldon Small Town Main Street Committee is pleased to announce the installation of Weldon’s new decorative streetlight banners on Washington Avenue.

The Weldon Small Town Main Street Committee came up with the banner idea earlier this year to promote Weldon as the Rockfish Capital. The committee held a Rockfish Capital Fish Fry plate fundraiser back in April to raise funds for the project. With financial assistance from the Halifax County Convention and Visitors Bureau along with funds raised by the committee, the project has now become a reality.

Although there are more improvements that need to be made to beautify Weldon’s downtown Historic District, the banners are just another piece in the puzzle. If you would like to be a part of Weldon’s revitalization efforts, contact the Weldon Town Hall at (252) 536-4836.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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