The Roanoke River, once known as the Moratuck, derived its name from an Indian group These Indians had a village by that name upon the river’s northern bank at present Cedar Landing in Bertie County. Both names, Moratuck and Roanoke, seem to be Algonquin.

An English story claims that the Moratuck River was changed to the Roanoke River when an Indian was seen propelling his dugout canoe upon it with oaken oars.

grapesGarrett Winery was originally owned by William Garrett. At first it was located near Medoc Mountain, but it was moved to Weldon to take advantage of the old Weldon Canal and the railroad. It was located in a four-story building on the banks of the canal, just west of the Chockoyotte Aqueduct. From its home in Weldon, it operated as a thriving business for years, by means of shipping grapes from Medoc Vineyards to the winery in Weldon and making the wine there.

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