Pursuant to GS 158-7.1(c), notice is hereby given that the Town of Weldon Board of Commissioners (the Board) will hold a public hearing during the meeting of the Board, which begins at 6:30 p.m., January 10, 2022, in the Board meeting room, Weldon Town Hall, 109 Washington Avenue, Weldon, N.C.

The Board intends to appropriate and expend Town funds pursuant to GS 158-7.1(a) under an economic development incentive grant agreement with Carolina Star Hospitality, LLC, (the Company) in consideration of the location of the Company’s operations in the Town of Weldon (the Project). Under the terms of the agreement, annual grants would be paid to the Company over a period of five (5) years in the estimated total amount of $204,352.00. Each year’s grant payment would be conditioned upon the taxable investment made by the Company in the form of real property and equipment. Grant payments would also be contingent upon the creation of a specified number of new jobs, the establishment of certain wage levels for those jobs, and maintaining a specified level of taxable investments, jobs and wages. The Town will fund the grant payments from the Town’s general fund.

The Board believes the Project will increase the population, taxable property, employment, or business prospects of the Town, will stimulate and stabilize the local economy and will result in the creation of a substantial number of new, permanent jobs that will pay above the average wage in Halifax County.

All persons interested in this public hearing are encouraged to attend and participate in the public hearing.

Shanelle Harris
Clerk to the Board
Town of Weldon
December 15, 2021

Thursday, September 21, 2023

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